Registering for a new account is free. You can sign up for your account by clicking on the Register option on the home page of the platform and just follow the instructions shown to you.
Using the platform makes it easier for you to browse the assets being offered. As long as you have an Internet connection you can access the platform regardless of where you are at the moment.

You do not need to use any additional communication channel since the platform enables you to directly contact our employees (case managers) dedicated to specific assets through the platform chat option.

You can review the assets daily and monitor them, send your offers or simply create a list of assets you might be interested in if you are still deciding whether you want to make an offer, there is no need to perform the search every time you access the platform for those assets.
Only registered users can see all of the information related to the offered assets, others can only see the basic information with no details (e.g. the location of a real estate).
There are two types of real estates which are included in the assets we are offering. Those are the real estates on which we have a pledge (mortgage, fiduciary ownership) and the real estates owned by us.
You can send your offer directly through the platform. Sending an offer is very easy and doesn't require any special knowledge. Our intent is to simplify the process of sending single and multiple offers in a user friendly way. There are several options you can use:

Favorites: you can add any asset you find interesting to your personal favorites list and send an offer for any of those assets later on by a single click

My basket: you can add an asset you find and want to make an offer for to your basket and send us your offer for purchase (the process is similar to usual online shopping websites)

Inbox: your inbox is a place where you can monitor and see all the details of any conversation you had with our case managers as well as add attachments to the conversation if necessary (uploading from your device). Conversations are connected to the assets they are related to, and also to the offers sent by the buyer and other buyer's inquiries.